Welcome to Blawith & Subberthwaite Parish Council

Blawith and Subberthwaite (with Water Yeat and Gawthwaite) is a High Furness parish with just 167 registered electors (ref. SLDC electoral register 2015/16)

Blawith and Water Yeat are on the A5084 near to Coniston Water; Gawthwaite is farther to the west on the A5092; and, the rest of the parish lies between these two roads.

With no shops, pubs or post office, the village hall at Water Yeat is a focal point for many in the community.  It is an indication of the scatter of dwellings in the area that this building is correctly the Blawith and Nibthwaite village hall.  Not located in either, it belongs to two villages in different parishes, for Nibthwaite is in Colton Parish on the other side of the Crake valley. 


There will be an extra-ordinary Council meeting held at Blawith & Nibthwaite Village Hall on Monday 5th December at 7.00p.m. This is for the Council to put together their response to the National Grid
consultation on the pylon route (deadline 6th January) and the Council wish to share information and seek  
the views of you, the residents of the Parish,and surrounding area before submitting their response.

Please come along.  

Blawith & Nibthwaite Village Hall